How to turn home life into an art exhibition?

The place where we live every day is not only a habitat for the body,
It is also a place to show the artistic talents of life estheticians.
Your life is worth all the romantic elements,
And today's good things will definitely be the icing on the cake.
This crown, called the "Art of Life", can be crowned by everyone.

Random Walk Abstract Artist's Home Hanging Painting

The “RANDOM WALK” series of abstract hanging paintings was founded in Denmark, 
inspired by the random trajectory in mathematical models, 
presenting an open state of improvisational exploration in the face of an unknown future

The seemingly free and random lines and shapes show a childlike unscrupulous.
Unlimited posture, shuttles between different coordinates, 
depicting the true nature of life after deleting the complex and simplifying it.

Hang the paintings on the wall, 
to experience the ideological fit with the artist, 
and to give my soul a short-term home.

Arts and Crafts Movement Master series posters

At the end of the 19th century, 
with the further development of the Industrial Revolution, 
art gradually became mechanized and homogenized. 
Artists headed by William Morris began to emphasize handicrafts and opposed mechanized production, 
which led to the "crafts and arts movement".

Don't put anything unsightly or useless in your home" is his famous saying, 
which became the value guide of British consumers throughout the 20th century.
Such decorative paintings generally use bright colors and delicate designs, 
abandon the pretentious style, 
and put the look and design in the first place.

In the post-Arts and Crafts movement period, 
Charles Worser stood on the shoulders of giants. 
While inheriting Morris’ spirit of “simplicity and rigor”,
he flattened the shape to the greatest extent, 
and designed works that are as childish as clip art, Young and vivid.

AYTM ANGUI coffee table and coffee table

Wind-style frames and tones are the fashion trends this season, 
which can enhance your personal style.
The simple and ingenious coffee table is close to the Nordic design concept in an elegant way, 
paying attention to high-quality details.

Tempered glass and brass-coated iron complement each other, 
and the copper color is evenly and delicately distributed, 
restoring the original texture.
The dimensions of life are built between square inches, 
without publicity or exaggeration, 
creating the beauty of a personalized home space.